Will Forte singing the Halloween song on Weekend Update, SNL 30x04

Need more Forte in my life. Always.


What’s so special about August 30th?


SEPTEMBER 30th = 31 Days of Halloween ‘13 Re-upped!: 320 songs featured in the first annual series of mixes for those who missed out.
OCTOBER 01st to 31st = 31 Days of Halloween ‘14: 310 new songs in 31 days from the first of October all the way to Halloween Morning!

5 Fruits and Veggies You’ve Been Eating Wrong

You’ve been deep-frying lettuce. Why?

You swallow avocados whole. Just stop it! 

You smother ripe peaches in cheese sauce. You’re an awful person.

Quit jamming figs up your ass! (You know who you are)

Artichoke pudding?  No wonder God hates you.

"Mouth Sounds"
17 tracks
Runtime: 56:08
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31 Days of Halloween '13 (Abridged, Spotify Version) »

We bring you a visceral mix of tunes that not only herald & tribute the Halloween tunes of yesteryear for all their gory glory but redefine the statement of Horror in all elements & sub-genres. We do not stop at just giving you Monster Mash, we give you songs that can make your spine tingle if you listen to the lyrics. Just when it gets too creepy we cool you down with a fun-loving song to make you laugh because that’s what Halloween is, fun and fear. This joint effort did just that, give you fun and fear for the entire month of Halloween in a 10-song spoonful for each day, The best medicine you’ll ever taste. Now, it’s time to take your medicine. Sincerely, ConnQuest & Uncle Bang

NOTE: This is the new page for this upcoming october’s 31 mixes due to forgetting my log in information. If you were following the 31 Days of Halloween Mixtapes page follow this instead.

NOTE #2: This is a HEAVILY abridged version because Spotify only had 191 out of the 320 we used. This is merely for those who missed out last year until we re-up them in September & Begin our new series in October. Thats right, 31 MORE mixes of eclectic Halloween taste.

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